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The Vital Source has been providing quality health services since our founding in 1989, specializing in a unique combination of Oriental and Complimentary medical and heath practices. It is our mission to help expand your awareness to the potential you have for a fuller life and to tap into and reach that potential. This potential expresses itself in our health and our self worth, while the fullness in life comes from our ever expanding capabilities in both health and prosperity. By being aware and making responsible decisions to reach our needs and potential in all aspects of our life is what can be called conscious living. We believe the best way to achieve this goal of a conscious and healthier life is to better understand how to take control of all aspects of our lives. The therapies that we use are chosen to help reach our heath and life goals.

Steven Schwartz

Steven Schwartz is the founder of The Vital Source. Using Oriental Medicine as the foundation he has expanded these basic principles into a system to not only restore health, but to enhance our lives and fulfill our potential. Through the techniques practiced, we can become healthier, not only in our physical bodies, but in our mental and emotional approach to life.


Facts about The Vital Source for Conscious Living

The Vital Source has been pioneering the field of Conscious Living and are on the cutting edge of understanding our body/mind interactions and their effects on our health and prosperity.

We believe that your health is also tied into our self worth, and the stresses that this can carry with it.  We do not strive for a stress free life, but for the conscious ability to adapt and flourish from those things that would stress us. The challenges make us stronger when we accept the challenge through conscious living



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